Richard Mico: Pavans & Fancies For The Viols


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Concerto di Viole


Richard Mico (1590-1661):

Fantasia à 5 No. 3

Pavan à 4 No.4

Fantasia à 3 No. 7

Fantasia à 4 No. 5

Pavan à 5 No. 2

Fantasia à 3 No. 1


Fantasia à 5 No. 4

In Nomine

Fantasia à 3 No. 5

Pavan à 4 No. 3

Fantasia à 2 No. 1

Fantasia à 4 No. 1

Fantasia à 5 No. 1

Pavan à 4 No. 2

Fantasia à 4 No. 16

Pavan à 5 No. 1

Fantasia à 4 No. 15

Fantasia à 3 No. 3

Fantasia à 5 No. 2

Pavan à 5 No. 3

Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (1567-1643):

La tra’l sangu’e le morti ergo giacente, SV 67 (Arr. for 5 Viols)

During their long study of the works of the composer Richard Mico (1590- 1661), the musicians of the Concerto di Viole ensemble developed charac- teristic images and associations that make each of the pavans and fantasies unique to them. Following the tradition of Mico’s contemporaries, they have therefore given the pieces new titles to inspire the listeners’ imagination. The Ensemble Con- certo di Viole was founded in Basle in 1989 and has since then been playing almost in the same line. The four permanent members Arno Jochem, Brian Franklin (2), Brigitte Gasser and Rebeka Ruso have studied at the schola Cantorum Basiliensis at different times and bring musical experiences with different ensembles.

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