Emilie Mayer: Missing Link (Piano Trios)


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Νέο!21 Ιουνίου 2022

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Emilie Mayer

Piano Trio in A minor

Piano Trio in D minor (2nd Version)

Piano Trio in No. 3 E-Flat Major


Klaviertrio Hannover

Klaviertrio Hannover

Katharina Sellheim (Piano), Łucja Madziar (Violin), Johannes Krebs (Cello)

The Klaviertrio Hannover lands a real coup with its world premiere recording of three piano trios by the composer Emilie Mayer, who has long received too little attention! The works, newly discovered by the ensemble’s pianist Katharina Sellheim and specially edited by the trio based on manuscripts, rank with the great piano trios of the 19th century. They are works by a composer whose symphonies were performed throughout Europe in the mid-19th century and whose work secured her a firm place in the contemporary music world. Through its editorial work and inspired interpretation of these three trios, the Hannover Piano Trio provides an essential piece of the puzzle to complete our understanding of the Romantic era!

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