Eva Resch sings Britten, Debussy


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Benjamin Britten

Les illuminations, Op. 18

Claude Achille Debussy

Lieder after poems by Paul Verlaine


Eva Resch (Soprano), Francois Salignat (Piano)

Claude Debussy and Benjamin Britten brilliantly captured the sheer beauty and ecstasy of French poetry in their vivid and colorful songs. And acclaimed Hamburg-based soprano Eva Resch has interpreted these jewels with the same sensuality on her third GENUIN CD, with each song more beautiful than the next – from the sounds of the mandolin as they strike up a serenade in Debussy to Britten’s plaintive “Farewell” (Départ). With Eva Resch and her prize-winning pianist Francois Salignat, we’re immediately hooked on moonlight and weeping hearts…