Jean Philippe Rameau: Les Paladins


2 CD

Κλασική Μουσική


10 Ιουνίου 2021Ερώτηση για το προϊόν



Jean Philippe Rameau

Les Paladins


Thomas Michael Allen (Tenor), Anders J Dahlin (Tenor), Anna Virovlansky (Soprano), Iulia Elana Surdu (Soprano), Laimonas Pautienius (Baritone), Adrian Sâmpetrean (Bass)

Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik
Konrad Junghänel (Conductor)

Rameau’s late masterpiece Les Paladins (1760) has long enjoyed the unqualified goodwill of musicologists and experts, but the normal music lover in this country could only hear excerpts of this extremely charming comedie lyrique. After Konrad Junghänel and the Düsseldorfer Hofkapelle recently proved their stage suitability for the present, we can now also convince ourselves of the musical qualities of the late Rameau on CD.