Janáček: The Diary of One Who Disappeared


1 CD 

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23 Ιουλίου 2020Ερώτηση για το προϊόν



Leos Janacek

Six Folksongs sung by Eva Gabel

Songs from Detva, Brigand Ballads, JW V / 11

The Diary of One Who Disappeared (Diary of One Who Vanished, Tagebuch eines Verschollenen, Zápisník zmizelého)


Pavol Breslik (Tenor), Robert Pechanec (Piano)

Janacek’s most personal song cycle in an intensive new interpretation Leos Janacek composed his song cycle “Diary of a Lost One” at a time when he was already considered by many to be an equal third in the circle of the two icons of Czech national music (Smetana and Dvorak). The inspiration for the lyrics came from a few lines of verse that appeared in two issues of the “Lidove noviny” (folk newspaper) in May 1916. The poet Ozef Kalda was not identified beyond doubt as the author until 1997. Today the “Diary” is considered Janacek’s most important original song cycle, at least equal to his folk song collections

The Slovak tenor Pavol Breslik, who has been in the singers’ Champions League since his spectacular performance at the opening of the Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic in January 2017, is once again recommended as an outstanding interpreter of song of our time after his highly praised recordings of “Die Winterreise” and “Die schöne Müllerin”.