Johann Strauss II: Ritter Pasman


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Johann (1825) Strauss

Ritter Pasman (First Time on CD)


Eberhard Waechter (Baritone), Trudeliese Schmidt (Soprano), Josef Hopferweiser (Tenor), Sona Ghazarian (Soprano)

ORF Choir

Orf Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Heinz Wallberg (Conductor)

When court opera director Wilhelm Jahn gave the by no means unpretentious Johann Strauss II the commission for a “real” opera, he gladly accepted. This is how Ritter Pásmán came about, a work that the waltz king himself regarded as his only work in this genre – although the plot is basically quite operetta-like. It was based on the story Pázmán lovag by the Hungarian poet János Aranyi (1817-1882). It is about jealousy and a “like-you-like-me”. The premiere of the comic opera on New Year’s Day 1892 at the Vienna Court Opera was a major social event to which artistic success lagged somewhat behind. Reviewers of the premiere were distant about the work; on the other hand, they unanimously elevated the ballet music at the beginning of the third act to the rank of an absolute masterpiece. (Incidentally, this was the first time a cymbal was heard in the Court Opera orchestra)

The three ballet scores are included as bonus tracks.

Live Recording – 27 October 1975