Pandolfi Mealli: La Castela – 6 Sonatas per chiesa e camera Op. 3


1 CD 

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14 Μαρτίου 2019


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Gunar Letzbor (Violin)

Ars Antiqua Austria

  • Mealli: Sonata prima, Op. 3 ”La Stella”
  • Mealli: Sonata seconda, Op. 3 ”La Cesta”
  • Mealli: Sonata terza, Op. 3 ”La Melana”
  • Mealli: Sonata quarta, Op. 3 ”La Castella”
  • Mealli: Sonata quinta, Op. 3 ”La Clemente”
  • Mealli: Sonata sesta, Op. 3 ”La Sabbatina”

Two years after the highly acclaimed recording of Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli’s Opus 4, Gunar Letzbor returns with the Antonio Pandolfi Mealli’s Opus 3, published in Innsbruck in 1660 and dedicated to his compatriot, the reigning archduchess Anna De’ Medici (featured on the front cover). Letzbor revives the strange work of murderer-composer with a full-blooded performance that succeeds in captivating us from beginning to end.

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