Olivier Messiaen: Lieder – Barbara Hannigan & Bertrand Chamayou


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Νέο!10 Ιουνίου 2024


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Olivier Prosper Charles Messiaen:Chants de Terre et de Ciel (Songs of earth and heaven)La Mort Du NombrePoèmes pour Mi, book 1Poèmes pour Mi, book 2

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Olivier Prosper Charles Messiaen:Chants de Terre et de Ciel (Songs of earth and heaven)Poèmes pour Mi, book 1Poèmes pour Mi, book 2
Bertrand Chamayou (Piano)Barbara Hannigan (Soprano)
Olivier Prosper Charles Messiaen:La Mort Du Nombre
Bertrand Chamayou (Piano)Vilde Frang (Violin)Barbara Hannigan (Soprano)Charles Sy (Tenor)

Soprano Barbara Hannigan and pianist Bertrand Chamayou unite to record the vocal music of Olivier Messiaen, presenting his two major song cycles from the 1930’s. Existing in both the sensual and sacred realms, the Poèmes pour Mi are inspired by the precious relationship of Messiaen and “Mi” – the nickname of his first wife; violinist and composer Claire Delbos. Chants de terre et de ciel also emerges from Messiaen’s marriage to Delbos, written just after the birth of their son, Pascal. Both cycles oscillate between hypnotic meditation and ecstatic songs of love, supported by Messiaen’s intense spiritual faith. Inspired by Messiaen’s words, “It is a glistening music we seek…”, Hannigan and Chamayou delve into the composer’s complex language to reveal a natural and flowing music, whose roots extend from the earth upwards to a shimmering realm. As a final work on the album, Hannigan and Chamayou included a rarely performed “scena” of Messiaen: La Mort du nombre (1929) is a dialogue between two souls, in which they are joined by the Canadian tenor Charles Sy and the Norwegian violinist Vilde Frang.


The Guardian 16th May 2024

“Hannigan’s silvery, flexible sound may lack the sheer heft of the “dramatic soprano” that Messiaen specifies for both cycles, but the way in which she uses her voice and her superb projection of the French texts are more than adequate compensation. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a weightier voice bringing such beguiling, soft-edged intimacy to parts of each cycle as she does. – 4 out of 5 stars

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Bertrand Chamayou

Philharmonie (Grande salle Pierre Boulez), France.

Piano Concerto – Ravel / La Création du monde – Milhaud / Variations on ’I got Rythm’ – Gershwin / Fancy Free – Bernstein

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