Alessandro Stradella: Motetti – Concerto Italiano & Rinaldo Alessandrini


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Νέο!9 Ιουλίου 2024


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Concerto Italiano (Early Music Ensemble)
Rinaldo Alessandrini (Μαέστρος)

Stradella, Alessandro (1644-82)

Symphonia a 2 violini in D Major

In tribulationibus, in angustiis

Exultate in Deo fideles

Nascere Virgo potens

Sistite sidera, coeli motus otiamini

Symphonia a 2 violini in F Major: I. Grave

Convocamini, congregamini

Following the enchanting recording dedicated to the motets by Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690), Rinaldo Alessandrini and the Concerrto Italiano continue their exploration of the Italian motets of the 17th century.

This time they turn their attention to a fascinating and highly interesting composer: Alessandro Stradella (1643-1682), who is best known today for his oratorios and operas. This album presents five of his seventeen motets, which have been kept in the library of Modena since the end of the seventeenth century and for the most part have their world premiere here.

Thematically, Rinaldo Alessandrini has compiled motets with texts on the cult of the Virgin Mary: once again, Rinaldo Alessandrini and his colleagues from Concerrto Italiano show outstanding elegance in navigating through the polyphonic worlds. One is struck again and again by the mysterious uniqueness of Stradella, who has always been underestimated, although a large number of recordings dealing with his oratorios and instrumental music have been released. Rinaldo Alessandrini also presents two instrumental works on this album: the Symphony in D major and the Symphony in F major.


The Guardian 27th June 2024

“The two solo works, Exultate in deo fideles, for bass, and Sistite sidera, coeli motus otiamini, for soprano, are showpieces of almost operatic brilliance and intensity, sung with fabulous clarity and precision by Gabriele Lombardi and Sonia Tedla.

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