Franz Schubert: Piano Sonatas Vol. 2


2 CD 

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Νέο!11 Οκτωβρίου 2021


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Franz Peter Schubert

Adagio in E major, D612

Piano Sonata No. 18 in G major, D894

Piano Sonata No. 19 in C minor, D958

Piano Sonata No. 20 in A major, D959

Piano Sonata No. 4 in A minor, D537


William Youn (Piano)

With his first Schubert album for Sony Classical, Munich-based pianist William Youn has landed a coup.

On the second album he plays the Sonatas No. 4 (D. 537), No. 18 (D. 894), No. 19 (D. 958) and No. 20 (D. 959). Schubert’s music is similar to Mozart’s, says William Youn: “Music thrives on melody; singing plays an important role in both composers, even in instrumental music.” Sonatas Nos. 18, 19 and 20 are among Schubert’s last major compositions for solo piano. No. 18 was the last of Schubert’s sonatas to be published during his lifetime; it was later described by Robert Schumann as “the most perfect in form and conception” of all Schubert’s sonatas. Sonatas Nos. 19 and 20, composed by Schubert in the last months of his life, were published ten years after his death and are now considered the composer’s most important masterpieces. William Youn has also recorded the rarely heard Adagio in E major, D. 612. “”I chose this movement as a link between the two sonatas, D 537 and 959, because the music sounds to me like an improvisation. Here, too, I feel reminded of Mozart,” Youn explains:

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