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Νέο!11 Οκτωβρίου 2021


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Gidon Kremer (Violin), Lucas Debargue (Piano)

Kremerata Baltica


Magin Milosz (1929-99) :

Andante pour violon et piano /Lucas Debargue (piano), Gidon Kremer (violin)

Concerto No. 3 pour piano, cordes, timbales et percussion /Kremerata Baltica, Lucas Debargue (piano)

Vocalise No. 2 – Andantino /Lucas Debargue, Gidon Kremer

Vocalise No. 3 – Vivace /Lucas Debargue (piano), Gidon Kremer (violin)

Nostalgie du pays, extrait des Miniatures polonaises /Lucas Debargue (piano)

Concerto rustico No. 1 pour violon, cordes et timbales /Kremerata Baltica, Gidon Kremer (violin)

Vocalise No. 1 – Andante /Lucas Debargue (piano), Gidon Kremer (violin)

Vocalise No. 4 – Andantino /Lucas Debargue (piano), Gidon Kremer (violin)

Stabat Mater pour cordes et timbales /Kremerata Baltica

After a series of successful recordings of works by well-known composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Schubert, as well as Scarlatti, Medtner and Szymanowski, Lucas Debargue now takes on a composer he is deeply convinced has gone unheard for far too long: Milosz Magin (1929-1999).

“Milosz Magin is instantly recognizable when you hear him,” says the French pianist. “Few composers of his time were so clearly dedicated to the art of composing beautiful melodies.”

Born in Poland in 1929, Magin settled permanently in Paris in 1960. After a car accident in 1963, he had to end his career as one of Poland’s greatest pianists – and from then on made a name for himself as an imaginative composer, never forgetting the traditions of his homeland.

His main source of inspiration was Chopin – also a Pole who had made Paris his home. Magin recorded Chopin’s piano works, and both composers are buried in the same Paris cemetery. The clarity and transparency, but also the pianistic elegance of Magin’s works, which are equally French and Polish, are in many ways reminiscent of Chopin’s works.

“I have had his music in my ear for 20 years,” Debargue says. His first piano teacher was a pupil of Magin’s who “admired him as an inspired composer, as a pianist and also as a teacher who had given her many important hints on interpretation”, according to the French pianist. Magin’s pieces for children, especially his “Miniatures Polonaises,” from which Lucas Debargue has recorded “Nostalgie du pays” for this album, were among the earliest works he learned from his first piano teacher. When Debargue played “Nostalgie du pays” one day at a piano recital in Paris, the composer’s granddaughter Alexandra contacted him.

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