Fromm Music Foundation – Twentieth Century Composer Series


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Elisabeth Söderström (Soprano), Frederick Fuller (Baritone), Aldo Parisot (Cello), Ralph Kirkpatrick (Harpsichord), Charles Rosen (Piano), William Masselos (Piano), Nathan Rubin (Violin), Tossy Spivakovsky (Violin), George Neikrug (Cello), Leon Kirchner (Piano), Ludwig Shapero (Violin), Bethany Beardslee (Soprano), Julius Baker (Flute), Alexander Williams (Clarinet), Harry Shulman (Oboe), Leon Fleisher (Piano), Grace-Lynne Martin (Soprano)

Juilliard String Quartet, Galimir String Quartet, The Group For Contemporary Music At Columbia University, The New Music String Quartet

The New York Concert Choir

The New York Concert Orchestra

  • Carter, E: Double Concerto for Harpsichord & Piano with Two Chamber Orchestras
  • Carter, E: Piano Sonata
  • Copland: Piano Sonata in G major (1920-21)
  • Dallapiccola: Canti di Prigionia
  • Dallapiccola: Concerto per la notte di Natale dell’anno
  • Dallapiccola: Due liriche di Anacreonte
  • Dallapiccola: Goethe-Lieder
  • Dallapiccola: Liriche Greche per soprano e diversi gruppi strumentali
  • Denny: String Quartet No. 2
  • Foss: Echoi
  • Foss: Time Cycle
  • Harrison, L: Mass for Mixed Chorus, Trumpet, Harp and Strings
  • Killmayer: Missa Brevis
  • Kirchner, L: Concerto for Violin, Cello, Ten Winds and Percussion
  • Kirchner, L: Piano Sonata
  • Kirchner, L: Sonata Concertante for violin and piano
  • Kirchner, L: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano
  • Krenek: Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae, Op. 93
  • Krenek: Sestina for Voice and Instrumental Ensemble
  • Lees: String Quartet No. 1
  • Rorem: Three Barcarolles
  • Rosen, J: String Quartet No. 1
  • Sessions: From my diary
  • Usmanbas: String Quartet
  • Weber, B: Concertino for flute, oboe, clarinet and string quartet, Op. 45
  • Weber, B: Fantasia (Variations)
  • Weber, B: Serenade for Strings, Op. 46

From January 1957 to March 1962 Columbia Masterworks in collaboration with the Fromm Music Foundation released a series of 9 highly acclaimed LPs in the Twentieth Century Composer Series with music by composers including Elliott Carter, Luigi Dallapiccola, William Denny, Leon Kirchner, Ernst Krenek, Benjamin Lees, Jerome Rosen, Ilhan Usmanbas and Ben Weber.Sony Classical – with kind support by the Fromm Music Foundation – is now properly documenting the meritorious cooperation between Columbia Masterworks and the Fromm Music Foundation with the release of a special 9 (+1) CD boxed set, remastering the remaining 6 LPs with repertoire by Foss, Harrison, Killmayer, Kirchner, Krenek, Weber and Dallapiccola from the 2- and 3-track analogue tapes, and thus making this special repertoire available worldwide on CD and in digital 24-bit high resolution audio.The Fromm Music Foundation was founded by the late Paul Fromm in 1952. Since 1972, it has been located at Harvard University where it has operated in partnership with the Harvard University Music Department. Over the course of its existence, the Fromm Foundation has commissioned over 400 new compositions and their performances. The Fromm Foundation has also sponsored hundreds of new music concerts and concert series, among them Tanglewood’s Festival of Contemporary Music, American Composers Orchestra, and the Fromm Concert Series at Harvard University.Our program of commissioning, along with its related activities, has been guided by these simple truths: all music is modern music in its own time, and music as an art will cease to exist if a living flow of musical creation no longer reaches a concerned and interested public. Merely stating these truths serves to bring into focus the anomalous status of the composer in contemporary society. Although his creativity is the source of musical culture, the increasing imbalance between artistic and commercial values has generally denied him a recognition commensurate with the importance of his function, while simultaneously denying our society contact with music that expresses its own sensibilities.