Bedrich Smetana: Piano Works Vol. 7 (Sonata in G minor, Fugues, Rondos, Etudes, Marches)


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29 Ιουλίου 2022

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Bedrich Smetana

3 Polkas poétiques,B95 Op. 8 (Polka in E flat)

Andante in F major

Etude in A minor ‘in Liedform’

Etude in C major “in Präludienform”

Figuration in E minor on the Chorale “Gott sei uns gnädig und barmherzig”

Four-part Fugue in A minor

Four-part Fugue in C major

Four-part Fugue in D major

Kriegermarsch in D major

Ländlicher Marsch in B flat major

March in C minor

March in F major

Notturno in E flat major

Piano Sonata in G minor

Piece in C major

Piece in C major II

Piece in C minor

Rondo in A minor

Rondo in C major

Rondo in D minor

Rondo in F major

Sonatenform in A major

Sonatenform in B flat major

Sonatenform in C major

Three-part Fugue in E minor

Trauer Marsch in F minor

Variations on a Theme of Bohemian Folk Song

Vivace in F major


Jitka Cechová (Piano)

Recorded at the Martínek Studio, Prague, June and September, 2014.

The complete recording of Bedrich Smetana’s piano works with Jitka Cechová is the most comprehensive study to date of this part of his oeuvre, which has unfortunately received far too little attention.

In the seventh installment, the Czech pianist presents some early works from 1845 / 46, some of which have even been recorded here on CD for the first time. Some, by the way, were later reworked or reused in other compositions.

Cechová succeeds in making a convincing case for Smetana’s piano works, which need not fear comparison with many far better-known piano composers of his time.

“Čechová gooses the variations on the Czech folksong, ‚Sowing the millet‘ with perky accents, highlighted inner voices and some truly explosive octaves…no quirky detail of the sprawling, early and ambitious 30-minute G minor Sonata goes unnoticed on [her] watch…a fascinating and excellently produced instalment of an important cycle.“ Gramophone, May 2015