Reinhold Gliere: Orchestral Collection


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Reinhold Glière

Ballad, Op. 4, arranged Derzhanovsky

Bronze Horseman Suite

Concert Waltz, Op.90

Concerto for Horn and Orchestra Op.91

Heroic March for the Buryiat-Mongolian ASSR, Op.71

Overture on Slavonic Themes

Overture: Gyul`sara

Overture: Holiday at Ferghana, Op.75

Overture: Shakh-Senem

Symphony No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 8

Symphony No. 2 in C minor, Op. 25

Symphony No. 3 in B minor, Op. 42 ‘Il’ya Murometz’

The Red Poppy, Op. 70: suite

The Zaporozhy Cossacks Op. 64


Richard Watkins (Horn), Peter Dixon (Cello)

BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
Sir Edward Downes (Conductor), Vassily Sinaisky (Conductor)

Sir Edward Downes enjoyed a long association with the BBC Philharmonic, serving as its Chief GuestConductor, then Principal Conductor, and finally as Conductor Emeritus. His recording of Glière’s Symphony No. 3 Ilya Muromets proved the beginning of an enduring relationship between Chandos and the orchestra, which has made around 200 highly acclaimed recordings for the company, all noted for their sonic – as well as artistic – brilliance.

Although he died in 1956, Glière wrote in the great Russian romantic tradition, specialising in large-scale forms and combining tunefulness with unashamedly colourful orchestrations. This Chandos box set, which includes many rarities in the concert and record repertoires, is the most comprehensive survey of this composer’s music available; it comprises Glière’s three symphonies and a host of tone poems, ballet suites, and other orchestral works. Among the most famous will be the epic Third Symphony Ilya Muromets and the Suite from the ballet The Red Poppy, which includes the famous ‘Russian Sailor’s Dance’, one of the catchiest classical pops in the whole repertoire.

The ballet music of Glière was particularly effective, demonstrating great sensitivity and beauty, the composer’s aptitude for ear-tickling sonorities most apparent. The forty-six-minute Suite from The Bronze Horseman is an excellent example, here coupled with the appealing Horn Concerto. A CD of miscellaneous overtures and orchestral works continues to illustrate Glière’s tuneful art, much of it imbued with ‘local’ colour and dressed in bright orchestral garb. All is presented with relish by the BBC Philharmonic. The late Sir Edward Downes and Vassily Sinaisky are both masters of this colourful repertoire, and the sonic quality of Chandos’ BBC Philharmonic recordings is legendary.

‘…not only is the playing of the BBC Philharmonic under Sinaisky both warmly responsive and sparkling, but the state-of-the-art Chandos recording (brass, woodwind and strings alike) is even finer than on the ASV alternative. Highly recommended.’ Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music