Nikolai Medtner: Piano Concerto No 1 & Piano Quintet


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6 Φεβρουαρίου 2024


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Nikolai Medtner:Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor, Op. 33Piano Quintet in C major Op. post

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Nikolai Medtner:Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor, Op. 33
Dmitri Alexeev (Piano)
BBC Symphony Orchestra (Ορχήστρα)Alexander Lazarev (Μαέστρος)
Nikolai Medtner:Piano Quintet in C major Op. post
Dmitri Alexeev (Piano)
New Budapest Quartet (String Quartet)

Gramophone Classical Music Guide 2010

“For Dmitri Alexeev the First Concerto is Medtner’s masterpiece, an argument he sustains in a performance of superb eloquence and discretion.

Even the sort of gestures later vulgarised and traduced by Tinseltown are given with an aristocratic quality, a feel for a love of musical intricacy that takes on an almost symbolic force, but also for Medtner’s dislike of display. Time and again Alexeev makes you pause to reconsider Medtner’s quality, and his reserve brings distinctive reward.

The early Abbandonamente ma non troppo has a haunting improvisatory inwardness and later, as the storm clouds gather ominously at 11’55”, his playing generates all the necessary electricity.

How thankful one is, too, for Alexeev’s advocacy of the Piano Quintet where, together with his fully committed colleagues, the New Budapest Quartet, he recreates music of the strangest, most unworldly exultance and introspection. Instructions such as poco tranquillo (sereno) and QuasiHymn take us far away from the turbulence of the First Concerto (composed in the shadow of the First World War) and the finale’s conclusion is wonderfully uplifting. The recordings are judiciously balanced in both works, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Lazarev are fully sympathetic.