Daniel Hope – Hope at Home


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Deutsche Grammophon

Νέο!9 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020Ερώτηση για το προϊόν




Daniel Hope (Violin)


  1. Kosma: Les feuilles mortes Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano), Till Brönner (trumpet), Christoph Israel (work arranger)

  2. Marcel Louiguy: La vie en rose, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

  3. Max Richter, Clyde Lovern Otis: This Bitter Earth / On the Nature of Daylight Joy Denalane (vocals), Christoph Israel (piano), Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (work arranger)

  4. Heymann: Irgendwo auf der Welt (from Der Blonde Traum) Max Raabe (vocals), Christoph Israel (piano), Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (work arranger)

  5. Schubert: An die Musik D547, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

  6. Weber: Larghetto, Daniel Hope (violin), Jacques Ammon (piano), Fritz Kreisler (work arranger)

  7. Weill, K: Youkali, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano), Christoph Israel (work arranger)

  8. Rota, N: Godfather Waltz, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

    9. Satie: Six Gnossiennes, No. 1 – Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

  9. Ward, S A: America the Beautiful Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano), Paul Bateman (work arranger)

  10. Mancini, H: Moon River, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

  11. Jose Maria Cano Andres: Hijo De La Luna Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano), Michael Metzler (percussion)

  12. E.Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen: Over the Rainbow Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano), Christoph Israel (work arranger)

  13. Fauré: Après un rêve, Op. 7 No. 1, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

  14. Samon Kawamura, Max Herre, Sophie Hunger, Roberto Di Gioia: Berlin – Tel Aviv Joy Denalane (vocals), Christoph Israel (piano), Daniel Hope (violin), Max Herre (vocals)

  15. Rachmaninov: Songs (14), Op. 34, 14. Vocalise, Daniel Hope (violin), Christoph Israel (piano)

  16. Gershwin: Summertime (from Porgy and Bess), Daniel Hope (violin), Sebastian Knauer (piano)

  17. Brahms: Lieder und Gesänge (9), Op. 32, 1. Wie rafft ich mich auf in der Nacht Matthias Goerne (baritone), Tamara Stefanovich (piano)

  18. Falla: Asturiana / If, Iris Berben (narrator), Christoph Israel (piano), Daniel Hope (violin)

  19. Hadjidakis: Never on Sunday: theme Aliya Vodovozova (flute), Michael Metzler (percussion), Christoph Israel (piano), Daniel Hope
    (violin), Christoph Israel (work arranger)

  20. Weill, K: Lost in the stars, Daniel Hope (violin), Jacques Ammon (piano)

Violinist Daniel Hope spent his period of social distancing by performing chamber concerts from his living room in Berlin online and for Arte Concert with specially invited guests. Deutsche Grammophon is proud to present Hope@Home the album, a selection from this ground-breaking series of livestream events which attracted a combined audience of 2,5m viewers, to be released on 14th August. This album is a document of these extraordinary weeks. Everything you hear is live, one take only. Some pieces were rehearsed, others were not. In some cases Christoph Israel finished the arrangements literally minutes before we went live. You will hear the frequent squeak of my living room floor, as well as other spontaneous bumps and bangs. There were no patches or editing, no second takes. Sometimes life doesn’t allow for second takes. This was my world for six magical and highly unusual weeks. I hope you enjoy listening.- Daniel Hope

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