Bill Evans: Moon Beams (Vinyl Edition)


1 LP 

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Νέο!7 Φεβρουαρίου 2024

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Bill Evans (Piano)
Chuck Israels (Bass)Paul Motian (Drums)


  1. Re: Person I Knew
  2. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
  3. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  4. Stairway To The Stars
  5. If You Could See Me Now
  6. It Might As Well Be Spring
  7. In Love In Vain
  8. Very Early

Bill Evans was left reeling by the accidental death of his brilliant bassist Scott LaFaro in mid-1961 and didn’t feel ready to record with his new bassist until nearly a year later. When he did go into the studio in May and June of 1962 with Chuck Israels and drummer Paul Motian, the “second trio” produced material for two albums that were to be among Evans’s most popular. Moonbeams includes ballad material from the sessions. The rest of the music from the sessions is in How My Heart Sings! In Moon Beams, Evans did some of his most introspective playing, his sense of loss apparent but relieved by Israels’s power and empathy. “Polka Dots and Moon Beams,” “If You Could See Me Now,” and the others represent Evans at his best, his lyricism underlaid with rhythmic firmness even in the extraordinarily slow “In Love in Vain.”

Reissue of the great 1962 album from the legendary jazz pianist.

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