Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn: Complete Works For Cello and Piano


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First Hand Records

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Fanny Caecilie Mendelssohn Hensel

Capriccio in A flat

Sonata o Fantasia in G minor

Felix Mendelssohn

Albumblatt Assai Tranquillo

Cello Sonata No. 1 in B flat major, Op. 45

Cello Sonata No. 2 in D major, Op. 58

Song without Words for Cello & Piano, Op. 109 (Lied ohne Worte)

Variations concertantes Op. 17


Joel Marosi (Cello), Esther Walker (Piano)

This is the first time the complete works for cello and piano by Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn appear on a single album performed on modern instruments. There is little of Fanny Mendelssohn’s music and it is rare to hear both siblings together on an album. She wrote the Fantasia and Capriccio for her brother Paul, the dedicatee of Felix’s Variations concertantes also heard on this album. Along with the main works on the release, the two substantial Cello Sonatas, there are two shorter works of beauty, including Lied ohne Worte and Albumblatt, the latter being discovered in the 1960s.