Luigi Cherubini: Messe Solenelle No 2 in D


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Luigi Cherubini

Messe Solennelle No. 2 in D minor


Robert Buckland (Tenor), Iris-Anna Deckert (Soprano), Christa Mayer (Alto), Thomas Bauer (Baritone), Ruth Ziesak (Soprano), Christoph Genz (Tenor)

Kammerchor Stuttgart

Klassische Philharmonie Stuttgart
Frieder Bernius (Conductor)

Great moment

The Mass solenelle in D minor by Luigi Cherubini is an extraordinary work: after a seemingly familiar beginning, melodic progressions and harmonic developments always take a completely new direction through unforeseen and witty turns. Subtle instrumentation lends many sections an exquisite sonority. Thanks to the wonderful Kammerchor Stuttgart, a select group of soloists (including Ruth Ziesak) and, last but not least, the conducting by Frieder Bernius, the audience of the Schleswig-Holstein-Musik Festival 2001 experienced a great musical moment, which is now finally available on CD.