Ludovico Einaudi: Underwater


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20 January 2022

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Ludovico Einaudi (Piano)

The new solo piano album

  1. Luminous
  2. Rolling Like a Ball
  3. Indian Yellow
  4. Flora
  5. Natural Light
  6. Almost June
  7. Swordfish
  8. Wind Song
  9. Atoms
  10. Temple White
  11. Nobody Knows
  12. Underwater

Ludovico has wanted to write a solo piano album for several years, but needed the right environment to fully commit to it.

Lockdown gave him that opportunity. He embraced isolation from his normal busy and complex schedule to find a place of simplicity. So this is a positive view of Lockdown and isolation; he takes this rare opportunity to experience the simple beauty of songwriting in its purest form. No technology, no outside influences, just Ludovico and his piano.

As a result, the theme of his new album “Underwater” is freedom from the typical limitations of our daily lives. This is expressed in the metaphor “Underwater”.

“A free and open space where you can move and explore, hover, pause, move in three dimensions, and so on. I personally think that a bird flying through the air also works as a metaphor for that sense of freedom. I call it songwriting and not composition, it was a new approach for me. When you’re composing, you’re thinking and exploring and comparing and being ambitious. When you write a song, it’s like breathing, the form is short. A song is like the beauty of a single breath – a wave that comes and goes. It’s beautiful the way it is – it doesn’t need anything else.”

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