Very Best of Dixieland New Orleans


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12 April 2022

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78 mins of well-remastered vintage classic tracks chosen by experts – a great romp !”

  1. When the Saints go Marching in (Trad.) Bunk Johnson and his Band (1945)

  2. My Melancholy Baby (Burnett/Norton) Eddie Condon and his Orchestra (1948)

  3. Mahogany Hall Stomp (Williams) George Lewis and his New Orleans Band (1955)

  4. One Sweet Letter from You (Warren/Brown/Clare) Bunk Johnson and his Band (1945)

  5. Tiger Rag (La Rocca) Firehouse Five Plus Two (1955)

  6. Hindustan (Wallace/Weeks) Wilbur De Paris (1959)

  7. Chinatown, My Chinatown (Schwarz/Jerome) Firehouse Five Plus Two (1957)

  8. Chicago (Fisher) / Muggsy Spanier (1947)

  9. Panama (Tyers) / Bunk Johnson’s Superior Jazz Band (1945)

  10. Savoy Blues (Ory) George Lewis and his New Orleans Band (1955)

  11. Bourbon Street Parade (Barbarin) / Wilbur De Paris (1957)

  12. Down by the Riverside (Trad.) / Bunk Johnson Band (1942)

  13. Careless Love (Handy) / Kid Ory & Creole Jazz Band (1945)

  14. That’s A-Plenty (Pollack/Gilbert) Wild Bill Davison and his Commodores (1943)

  15. The Sheik of Araby (Snyder/Wheeler/Smith) Edmond Hall Sextet (1944)

  16. Sweet Sue, Just You (Young/Harris) Muggsy Spanier and his Band (1947)

  17. Darktown Strutter’s Ball (Brooks) Bunk Johnson and his New Orleans Band (1945)

  18. Coal Cart Blues (Armstrong/Harding) Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven (1940)

  19. Honeysuckle Rose (Waller/Razaf) Sidney Bechet (1941)

  20. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Seitz/Lockhart) Jimmy McPartland and his Orchestra (1939)

  21. Ballin’ The Jack (Smith/Barris) Eddie Condon and his Band (1939)

  22. New Orleans Function (Trad./Armstrong) Louis Armstrong and his All Stars (1950)

This CD offers everything that makes the heart of Dixie fans beat faster! You can hear evergreens like ‘When the Saints’, ‘Honeysuckle Rose’, ‘New Orleans Function’ or ‘Chinatown’. Together with the world-famous performers and the unbeatable price you just have to grab it!

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