Florence Price: Symphony No. 3 & Mississippi, River Suite & The Oak


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Classical Music 



23 June 2022

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Florence Price

Symphony No. 3 in C minor

The Mississippi River

The Oak


The Women's Philharmonic Orchestra
Arpo Hsu (Conductor)

“this first important black female composer has become celebrated recently as we discover her works. This includes her best Symphony and major Suite” (Alto)… “history bears down on the opening of the Third Symphony … big moments where Price clearly feels the burden of the African American experience but allows it to fuel her soul. It’s easy to forget that she’s a contemporary of George Gershwin. In fact, (he) attended the premiere of Price’s Symphony No.1. So how do we tell this story, recognising on the one hand … she’s been neglected in this historiography, but … also she’s very much a part of the American symphonic scene?” (Gramophone)