Jean Philippe Rameau: Les Boreades


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25 June 2021

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Jean Philippe Rameau

Les Boréades


Emmanuelle De Negri (Soprano), Christopher Purves (Baritone), Mathias Vidal (Tenor), Hélène Guilmette (Soprano), Edwin Crossley-Mercer (Baritone), Sébastien Droy (Tenor)

Le Concert d'Astrée
Emmanuelle Haïm (Conductor)

Barrie Kosky (Director)

Les Boréades is a Carpe Diem forged to the essence of dance, which commands us to prefer love to power and freedom to love. The most striking thing about this production is the intelligence of the direction, which osmotically combines music, theatre and ballet, uniting expression, sensitivity, humour, narrative and psychology in a single gesture

Emmanuelle Haïm, already at the forefront of her Concert d’Astrée for Castor et Pollux in 2014, returns for these Boréades and asserts herself as a great interpreter of Rameau. A variety of colours and dynamics, sensitivity and power, jubilant expressiveness, music that is serene and radiant, whispers and rumbles. The jubilant sounds of the orchestra, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020, are joined by the tremendous energy of the Concert d’Astrée choir: their dazzling vocal performance is matched by the astonishing theatrical force of the production.

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