Anna Netrebko – In the Still of Night (Songs by Rimsky-Korsakov & Tchaikovsky)

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Daniel Barenboim (Piano), Anna Netrebko (Soprano)


Rimsky Korsakov:

Four Songs, Op.40, No.3 O chem v tishi nochey

Four Songs, Op.27, No.4 Prosti! Ne pomni dney naden’ya

Vesnoy, Op.43, No.2 Ne veter, veya s vïsotï & No.1 Zvonche zhavoronka pen’ye

Four Songs, Op.3, No.4 Na kholmakh Gruzii

Six Songs, Op.8, No.5 V tsarstvo rozï i vina

Four Songs, Op.26, No.4 Pesnya Zyuleyki

4 Songs, Op. 2, No.2 Plenivshis’ rozoy, solovey

Four Songs, Op.42, No.3 Redeyet obklakov letuchaya gryada

Two Songs, Op.56, No.1 Nimfa & No.2 Son v letnyuyu noch’

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Vladimir Sollogub: Six Romances, Op.57, TH 105, No.1 Skazhi, o chom v teni vetvey

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:

Zabït tak skoro, TH 94

Twelve Romances, Op.60, TH 106, No.6 Nochy bezumnïye

Romances (6), Op. 6, No.5 Otchevo?

Romances (6), Op. 63, No.6 Serenada

Romances (6), Op. 16, No.1 Kolïbel’naya pesnaya

Romances (7), Op. 47, No.7 Ya li v pole da ne travushka bïla

Six lieder on poems by Daniel Rathaus, Op. 73, No.5 Sred mrachnïkh dnei

Romances (7), Op. 47, No.6 Den li tsarit?

Dvořák: Ciganské melodie, Op.55, B. 104 – Sung In German, 4. Als die alte Mutter

Strauss, R: Vier Lieder Op. 27, 2. Cäcilie

Anna Netrebko’s first live solo album and first Lieder album is accompanied by star conductor/pianist Daniel Barenboim. This was the concert event of the Salzburg Festival 2009 and your first Deutsche Grammophon priority of the year.

For her Salzburg recital, Anna Netrebko programmed an all Russian evening. Companioned by Barenboim’s masterful, idiomatic playing, Anna’s voluptuous voice surrenders completely to the haunting, soulful melodies of songs by Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, and others.

On the heels of her successful Russian Album – more than 270,000 copies sold and still selling strong – In the Still of Night is certain to soar.

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